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A crucial part of our job is to educate you so that you can make well-informed decisions.  Below are a few Real Estate tips to consider before you take the next step:

  1. Use Local Expertise.  We would always recommend that you use the services of a Realtor who lives and works in the area you are looking to buy or sell in.  Whether it means getting potential Buyers through your home on short notice or finding out about new listings coming on the market, a local Realtor can respond faster than someone who is 'out-of-town'.
  2. Protect Your Assets.  When selling, don't just choose the Realtor offering the lowest commission rate or suggesting the highest list price.  Your home is likely one of your biggest investments and, as such, you need to know that your Realtor is going to market your home extensively so that as many potential Buyers as possible are made aware of your home.  You also need to prevent your home from becoming 'stale' by being offered for sale at an unrealistic price - potentially netting you less in the long run. 
  3. Protect Yourself.  When buying, don't sign any paperwork unless you are absolutely sure about what you are agreeing to.  As Realtors, we use a form called a 'Buyer Representation Agreement' that, once signed, binds you to working with that Realtor for a specified length of time.  You cannot buy a home without that Realtor's involvement until the contract expires or you are able to get released from it - which is often difficult to do.  Don't 'bind' yourself to someone unless you are sure you want to work with them and that they will work for you.

    Feel free to browse our website for more Real Estate advice and tips.  In addition, if you have any general questions about buying or selling real estate in Burlington or surrounding areas, please contact us as we are more than willing to help.


    Adam Humenuik