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US lawmakers clash while awaiting a briefing on Mueller reportRepublican and Democratic lawmakers clashed sharply on Sunday over the meaning of the newly completed report on Russian meddling, even as they waited to be briefed on its scope and contents. President Donald Trump has yet to receive or be briefed on the findings of the Robert Mueller probe into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, a spokesman said from the Florida resort where Trump was spending the weekend. Attorney General William Barr, who received the secret report on Friday, is expected to brief key members of Congress sometime Sunday, though no announcement has been made.

3/24/2019 8:55:37 AM

New Zealand reopens mosques that were attacked; many 'march for love'At the Al Noor mosque, where more than 40 of the victims were killed by a suspected white supremacist, prayers resumed with armed police on site, but no graphic reminders of the mass shooting, New Zealand's worst. Aden Diriye, who lost his 3-year-old son, Mucad Ibrahim, in the attack, came back to the mosque with his friends. Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan, who visited the Al Noor mosque, said the attack assailed human dignity.

3/22/2019 11:08:57 PM

A Retired Brigadier General's Lessons from the War in AfghanistanAmerica's top brass can no longer operate under the assumption that every problem is the responsibility of the U.S. military.

3/23/2019 4:30:00 PM

Wild videos show cruise ship chaos as rough seas prompt an evacuationIncredible videos shared on Twitter are showing the wild rough seas that have led to the evacuation of 1,300 people from a cruise ship off the coast of Norway. The ship, Viking Cruise's "Viking Sky," sent a distress signal Saturday afternoon local time, reporting "engine problems in bad weather," according to CNN. And videos from both inside the cruise ship and from the shore show how bad the seas are. The BBC reports that at least one of the ship's engines was successfully restarted, enabling the Viking Sky to move a bit further from the rocky shore. Not surprisingly, the BBC also notes, "The area is known as the Hustadvika and is reportedly one of the most dangerous stretches of Norway's coast."SEE ALSO: El Niño has arrived. What does that mean for weather in 2019?Multiple ships and helicopters are taking part in the evacuation; the Joint Rescue Centre for Southern Norway shared video of the rescue to YouTube.To complicate matters, a cargo ship with nine people on board hit the same rough waters as the Viking Sky and some of the rescue helicopters had to be diverted for assistance.> Cargo ship w / 9 persons onbord went down close to VikingSky . Rescue helicopter sent to save crew.> > -- Tore (@potifar66) March 23, 2019A member of the rescue crew told Reuters that eight people had suffered minor injuries and that the rescue attempt will take a while, continuing into the night and maybe even into Sunday. Photos of passengers waiting for their turn at evacuation also hit social media. > Passenger on board VikingSky Crew is doing a good job. Evacuation is slow. Seas rough. One muster station had a door blow in, injure pax and flood. Moved to midship> > -- David Hernandez (@oxman78) March 23, 2019Mashable reached out to Viking Cruises for a statement and updates on the ongoing rescue and received the following message in response:The statement also added that anyone with questions or concerns about specific guests aboard the Viking Sky can find more information right here. WATCH: Pedal across the ocean surface with this breezy board

3/23/2019 3:46:27 PM

Antwon Rose trial: White police officer acquitted of murder in fatal shooting of teenagerThe mother of an unarmed black teenager fatally shot by a white police officer as he fled a traffic stop has expressed her anger and devastation over a jury’s decision to acquit the officer. Former East Pittsburgh police officer Michael Rosfeld was charged with homicide for shooting Antwon Rose II last June in one of the many high-profile killings of black people by white police officers. The deadly confrontation, captured on video, led to weeks of unrest and angry protests in the Pittsburgh last year, including a late-night march that shut down a major motorway.

3/23/2019 12:53:00 PM

IRS Loosens Tax Penalty for MillionsThe IRS said Friday that because of changes and confusion caused by the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, it will penalize fewer taxpayers who didn't withhold enough federal taxes in 2018. Before the ru...

3/23/2019 9:22:49 AM

10 deals you don’t want to miss on Sunday: Bose sound bar, Philips Hue bulbs, true wireless earbuds, moreWe've got another great roundup of daily deals to help you enjoy what's left of your weekend, and the stars of the show are definitely white Philips Hue LED bulbs for $12 a piece and $15 off color Philips Hue LED bulbs. Other top deals on Sunday include a rare chance to save on 12-month PlayStation Plus membership codes, the best fast wireless charging pad we've ever tested for only $13.29, an extra 10% off a compact Bose sound bar that's already surprisingly affordable, all-time low prices on lightning-fast Samsung EVO microSD cards in two different sizes, Anker's best true-wireless earphones at their lowest price yet, $250 off a powerful Dell laptop when you buy a refurb, and more. Check out all of today's top deals below.

3/24/2019 5:37:18 AM

IDB bank calls off annual meeting next week in ChinaWASHINGTON (AP) — The Inter-American Development Bank is calling off its general assembly next week in China amid a dispute over the participation of a Venezuelan representative opposed by Beijing.

3/23/2019 2:46:36 AM

Billionaire Tshuva May Herald Next Step in Israel-Egypt TiesAcquiring a piece of either the Idku or Damietta facilities, operated by Royal Dutch Shell Plc and Spain’s Union Fenosa SA, respectively, is among the various routes possible for the Egyptian deal, the company said in its annual report on Sunday. Should Delek pull off the purchase, it would be the strongest signal yet that Israel and Egypt are moving beyond security cooperation and toward deeper economic ties. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi didn’t even mention Israel when he celebrated a $15 billion deal in 2018 between the nations.

3/24/2019 11:47:24 AM

S&P 500 futures flat after report finds no Trump campaign collusion with RussiaS&P 500 e-mini futures turned flat, after rising slightly, on Sunday after U.S. Attorney General William Barr said Special Counsel Robert Mueller had found no evidence of collusion between President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign team and Russia. Investors had been bracing for updated news on Mueller's investigation.

3/24/2019 4:53:42 PM

Africa cyclone death toll surges past 600, 'worst yet to come'The death toll from a powerful cyclone that pummelled swathes of southern African countries, flooding thousands of square kilometres, on Saturday surged past 600 as diseases stalked tens of thousands of survivors. At least 417 people have died in Mozambique, according to government, bringing to 676 the total deaths when combined with those from neighbouring Zimbabwe. Cyclone Idai smashed into the coast of central Mozambique on Friday last week, unleashing hurricane-force winds and rains that flooded the hinterland and drenched eastern Zimbabwe leaving a trail of destruction.

3/23/2019 10:29:25 AM

Isil 'totally eliminated' in Syria: Caliphate destroyed in final strongholdThe last pocket of Islamic State territory has fallen, Western-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said on Saturday, marking the end of the group's "caliphate" four-and-a-half years after it was declared. "Total elimination of (the) so-called caliphate", Mustafa Bali, the SDF spokesman, wrote on Twitter. "The military victory against Daesh has been accomplished." The SDF had Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) cornered in a patch of land smaller than one-mile-square in the eastern Syrian village of Baghuz, before finally dealing them defeat. A small number of Isil fighters, most of them foreign, refused to surrender and fought to the last.  Fighters of the SDF dance as they celebrate near the Omar oil field in the eastern Syrian Deir Ezzor province after announcing the total elimination of Isil Credit: AFP An unfathomable number of people - mostly women and children related to Isil members - have streamed out of Baghuz in the past weeks. The Kurdish-led SDF said its fighters were surprised by the amount of civilians - which in the end totalled more than 60,000 and forced them to slow their advance. For the last week, the SDF and US-led coalition has been pummeling the Baghuz pocket in the hope of bringing the battle to an end. Syrians on social media criticised the coalition for its heavy use of air strikes, after graphic photographs emerged purporting to show the charred bodies of women and children, as well as piles of corpses littering Baghuz. Isil had been given several chances by the SDF to evacuate out of safe passages. Those left at the end had rejected the offers and had effectively been using their families as human shields. There is no accurate estimate of how many were killed in the final stand. The end of Isil | Read more The battle took 1,737 days - four times longer than the liberation of western Europe from the Nazis. It took 100,000 bombs, two national armies, a band of militias, the might of the US, British and French air forces and a coalition of nearly 70 countries to defeat the jihadists. During their height they controlled territory spanning two countries that was roughly the size of Britain, imposing a radical and unforgiving interpretation of Islam over nearly 10 million people. Its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, declared an end to modern countries and called on supporters to join their jihadist utopia. Tens of thousands from all over the world came to live in the self-declared caliphate - the first in modern times. Fighters from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) gesture the "V" for victory sign as they come back from the frontline in the Islamic State group's last remaining position in the village of Baghuz Credit: AFP Isil used their base in Syria and Iraq as launchpad for attacks around the globe, including the Paris attacks in 2015 which killed more than 130 people. At the same time, they began terrorising those they ruled over, carrying out large-scale massacres and public executions. While the battle may be over, questions still remain; such as the whereabouts of Baghdadi and the fate of a number of high-profile hostages including captured British journalist John Cantlie. There are rumours Baghdadi could be hiding out in the Anbar desert in western Iraq. While Isil has now lost all the urban territory they once held, it continues to have a presence in the desert of both Syria and Iraq. Photo Dispatch: The final days of the Isil caliphate Isil declared in an audio message from its spokesman this week that the group would not be weakened by any defeat in Baghuz and urged its followers across Syria to attack the SDF elsewhere in the country. "Avenge the blood of your brothers and sisters.. set up the )explosive) devices and deploy the snipers," said Abu Hassan al-Muhajir. The SDF too has warned the end of the physical caliphate did not mark the end of Isil. Isil sleeper cells have stepped up attacks on SDF forces in recent weeks, attacking areas where once they controlled. Local Syrian Kurdish and Arab forces fear a return of Isil once the US withdraws most of its 2,000 forces in April. US intelligence agencies have warned that the jihadists would likely resurge in Syria within six to 12 months and regain limited territory if sustained pressure is not maintained. Gen. Joseph Votel, who oversees US military operations in the Middle East as commander of Central Command, told Congress earlier this month that extremism in Iraq and Syria is a "generational problem." Iraqi Special Forces soldiers surveyed the aftermath of an Isil suicide car bomb that managed to reach their lines in the Andalus neighbourhood, one of the last areas to be liberated in east Mosul Credit: Ivor Prickett/The New York Times  Indeed it is not one that will likely be solved quickly. Tens of thousands of Isil suspects and their families are in prisons and camps in Iraq and Syria. Many have not been formally accused, others have been deemed guilty by association. It was in overcrowded camps like these that Baghdadi and a cadre of like-minded extremists formed a group that would later morph into Isil. The last to leave the final holdout expressed few regrets about how their jihadist project turned out, many continuing to pledge allegiance to a ruined caliphate they had already reconciled to losing. "Don't think we are surrendering," one woman leaving Baghuz told the Telegraph, "we are saving ourselves to rise again."

3/23/2019 4:06:35 AM

Want to see the poppy super bloom in California? Brace yourself for large crowds, long linesEveryone wishing to see the super bloom in Lake Elsinore, California must pay $10 and ride a shuttle to the poppy fields.

3/23/2019 1:20:14 PM

HPD sergeant in custody in connection with shooting of Pearland ISD librarian, sources sayAuthorities have identified the victim as Pearland ISD educator, Belinda Hernandez.

3/24/2019 9:56:57 AM

U.S. airlines visit Boeing as FAA awaits 737 MAX upgradesThe factory visits indicated Boeing may be near completing a software patch for its newest 737 following a Lion Air crash that killed 189 people in Indonesia last October. This month, a second deadly crash involving an Ethiopian Airlines MAX in Addis Ababa triggered the fleet's worldwide grounding. Boeing has come under global scrutiny along with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the agency that must approve the software fix and new training.

3/23/2019 5:45:42 PM

10 deals you don’t want to miss on Saturday: $12 Philips Hue bulbs, $16 headphones, Roomba sale, moreWelcome to a special weekend edition of our daily deals roundups, where we scour the web to find the 10 best deals of the day. Highlight from today's list include the best fast wireless charging pad we've ever tested for only $13.29, a rare opportunity to score a 12-month PlayStation Plus membership digital code for just $44.99 instead of $60 (they're stackable so buy a few!), Philips Hue white A19 LED bulbs for only $12 a piece, the best-selling Wi-Fi range extender on Amazon for just $25, blazing-fast Samsung EVO 128GB microSD cards for $19.99, awesome $60 Anker true wireless earbuds on sale for $49.99, the best-selling Bluetooth earbuds on Amazon's entire site for just $15.99, Fire 7 tablets for only $34.99 if you're a Prime subscriber, a one-day sale on the excellent Roomba 640 robot vacuum, another one-day sale on a Hamilton Beach coffee maker that uses pods, and more. Check out all of Saturday's best deals below.

3/23/2019 5:38:34 AM

Turkey's ex-premier squares up for Istanbul election battleIf former Turkish prime minister Binali Yildirim wants a reminder of how much he needs to win as Istanbul mayor in this month's election, he just has to listen to his boss. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who started his own political career as Istanbul mayor, likes to tell his Justice and Development Party (AKP) that winning the country's economic hub is like winning Turkey itself. Picking a well-known name and ruling party heavyweight like Yildirim for mayor shows how key Istanbul remains for Erdogan.

3/23/2019 11:10:09 PM

Anti-Brexit Rally Draws 1 Million Protesters Demanding New VoteAn estimated 1 million anti-Brexit protesters rallied alongside leading politicians in central London on Saturday to demand a second referendum on the U.K.’s withdrawal from the European Union. Marchers clogged the streets of central London as they walked from Hyde Park to Parliament Square to hear from the opposition Labour Party mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and deputy Labour leader Tom Watson.

3/23/2019 10:00:47 AM

The Latest: Barr decision on report to cause fireworksWASHINGTON (AP) — The Latest on special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation (all times local):

3/23/2019 7:08:59 PM

Robert Kraft Apologizes Amid Prostitution Scandal: 'I Have Extraordinary Respect for Women'The Patriots owner said he was 'truly sorry'

3/23/2019 1:38:36 PM

Flooding impairs drinking water treatment for Kansas CityFlooding along the Missouri River has impaired treatment of drinking supplies in Kansas City, raising health risks for infants, the elderly and others.

3/23/2019 6:39:59 PM

Viking Sky: Passengers airlifted to safety after cruise ship breaks down off Norwegian coastA cruise ship that broke down in rough seas off the Norwegian coast with some 1,300 passengers and crew on board has restarted three of its four engines and will be towed to port, emergency services said Sunday. "Three of the four engines are now working which means the boat can now make way on its own," emergency services spokesman Per Fjeld said. The Viking Sky sent out a mayday signal on Saturday, after it began drifting towards land, prompting a huge evacuation operation in which rescue helicopters evacuated passengers and crew to safety. Among those airlifted were believed to many British tourists.  The airlift was continuing in the early morning, Fjeld said. Nearly 338 of the 1,373 onboard were evacuated by helicopter by early Sunday morning. They were flown to a village just north of the town of Molde, on Norway's west coast. According to the latest figures from the rescue services, 17 people had been taken to hospital with injuries. We’re waiting for evacuation by helicopter— Alexus Sheppard ��️‍�� (@alexus309) March 23, 2019 Earlier on Saturday lifeboats were forced to turn back en route to the ship due to the "brutal" conditions. Later, reports emerged that a cargo ship with nine crew members was in trouble nearby, and the local Norwegian rescue service diverted two of the helicopters to that rescue. Two hundred Britons were believed to be among those on board the Viking Sky ship with Norwegian media suggesting the majority of  passengers were British and American tourists.  Derek and Esther Browne, from Hampshire, said the "whole boat was swaying, it was very rough" before they were airlifted to safety. Mr Browne told BBC Radio 5 Live's Stephen Nolan: "We had a few people on stretchers, several with cuts, two with broken limbs, but fortunately we were alright. We were airlifted onto the helicopter which was quite a frightening experience." He added: "I'd never been in a helicopter before, there were a lot of high winds, hovering overhead and the winchman came down and we were then collected up and so I shut my eyes as we arrived into the helicopter and there were 15 of us for about a 20-minute ride." Norway cruise rescue, in pictures The stretch of water known as Hustadvika is known for its fierce weather and the shallow waters are dotted with reefs. The Norwegian government is currently deciding whether to build a giant ocean tunnel through a nearby mountain to improve safety. The Viking Sky, built in 2017, belongs to Viking Ocean Cruises, part of the Viking Cruises group founded by Norwegian billionaire Torstein Hagen. Several vessels and four helicopters took part in the rescue and extensive facilities were set up on land to receive passengers. All search and rescue teams in the region were mobilised, including 60 volunteers from the Norwegian Red Cross, a spokesman said. Passengers on board the Viking Sky, waiting to be evacuated, off the coast of Norway on Saturday Credit:  Michal Stewart The ship, built in 2017, belongs to Viking Ocean Cruises, part of the Viking Cruises group founded by Norwegian billionaire Torstein Hagen. According to the company website, its passenger capacity is 930. Several vessels and four helicopters took part in the rescue and facilities to receive passengers have been set up on land, the rescue service said. Wind was blowing at a speed of 38 knots, police told Norwegian newspaper VG. All search and rescue teams in the region are mobilising, including 60 volunteers from the Norwegian Red Cross, a spokesman said. A Viking Sky spokesperson said: "We can confirm that as of 10am (Norwegian time) today, 24 March 2019, the vessel, Viking Sky, is safely travelling to Molde under its own power. The ship is being  accompanied by two offshore supply ships and one tug assist vessel. The evacuation of passengers has ended and there are currently 436 guests and 458 crew onboard.   "The 479 passengers who were airlifted from the vessel are currently on shore and arrangements have been made to fly them home, with the first passengers leaving today. Currently we understand 20 people suffered injuries as a result of this incident, and they are all receiving care at the relevant medical centres in Norway, with some already having been discharged.  "Throughout all of this, our first priority was for the safety and wellbeing of our passengers and our crew. We would like to thank the Norwegian Redningssentral and the Norwegian emergency services for their support and skill displayed in managing the situation in very challenging weather conditions. We would also like to thank the local residents who throughout the whole process have been extremely supportive and hospitable. "We are in the process of updating the website with the latest information.  If you have questions or concerns about any guests, please visit oceans/my-trip/current- sailings/index.html" Family members search for passengers on board As the phone batteries of passengers dwindled and died, and some on board were injured and taken to hospital, the relatives anxiously waited for news. Many used Twitter in the hope of contacting missing loved ones. While some remained missing:   Our Mom and Aunt (twins) are aboard vikingsky and we haven't been able to contact them. If anyone on board has seen Marcy Bell or Mary Fislar please let us know they are OK.— shannon milton (@shanhawk2) March 24, 2019  Others were found safe and sound, and were enjoying free wine and food in a local hotel as they made plans to return home after the ordeal: My dad and stepmom just took their helicopter ride off of the VikingSky and are safe and sound at a hotel in Molde as of a few minutes ago, where there is free food and wine apparently. She said “the hoist up was something.” VikingSkyMayday— @DaniTal (@DaniTal54803917) March 24, 2019 There were complaints about lack of information from the cruise operator, as family members of passengers complained that they were not told about the injury status of their loved ones: I cannot thank the Twitter community enough. We had a happy ending, with both of my parents recovering at a hospital. Based on my moms texts, I knew they were injured; hence my frantic tweets. My best wishes are with all those who are still waiting for news VikingSky— rebecca (@rebeccasunshine) March 24, 2019 Dear @VikingCruises, you can’t even begin to “appreciate” my “concern” abt my parents’ condition aboard your ship. Your canned response is cheap & your fake care is revolting. Thanks for telling me my parents were on the non-injured list AFTER they were med-evac’d off. VikingSky— rebecca (@rebeccasunshine) March 24, 2019  Passengers show chaos on the ship Pictures posted to social media show the chaotic sleeping arrangements as passengers curled up in life jackets to try to get some sleep as they waited to be airlifted to safety. Battery dying and people sleeping everywhere. Probably my last tweet of the night.— Alexus Sheppard ��️‍�� (@alexus309) March 24, 2019 Destruction on the ship was also plain to see, with broken glass on the floor and doors torn off their hinges. My sister send me some pictures from inside of the ship . She can see the boat that is going to pull them over— VERONIKA (@VERONIK57881586) March 24, 2019

3/24/2019 12:30:36 AM

Search for missing 8-month-old is now classified as a homicide, Indianapolis police sayIndianapolis police Chief Bryan Roach provided an update on the disappearance of 8-month-old Amiah Robertson.

3/23/2019 5:25:52 PM

UPDATE 2-U.S. airlines sending teams to review Boeing 737 MAX upgrade this weekendThe three U.S. airlines that own Boeing Co's 737 MAX are meeting the U.S. manufacturer this weekend to review a software upgrade for the jet that has suffered two fatal crashes in five months, officials from the airlines told Reuters. The meetings are a sign that Boeing's planned software patch is nearing completion, though it will still need regulatory approval. Southwest Airlines Co, American Airlines and United Airlines operate 34, 24 and 14 MAX jets respectively.

3/22/2019 9:19:50 PM

Save up to 30% off bed and bath must-haves during The Home Depot’s Spring SavingsIt's been a loong winter with way too much time spent binge-watching in bed. All the more reason to strip those stale sheets, replace your threadbare towels, and hit up The Home Depot's online-only Spring Savings.  Think high-quality basics: super-soft sheets, bath mats, and towels that aren't adorned with weird bleach stains. In other words: bedding and bath essentials that make you feel like a grown-up. Below, find a look to match your style and then shop The Home Depot's Spring Savings. Image: The Home Depot Save up to 30% on bed and bath essentials at The Home Depot through April 3rd See Details Grown up neutralsImage: The Home DepotA neutral color palette opens up even the smallest studio in a big way. You can play with pops of color, experiment with textures, or layer crisp whites with neutrals for a sophisticated Instagram backdrop. To get this dressed-to-impress look, start with a crisp white duvet and pair with some sweet flax sheets. Breezy bohoImage: The Home DepotThis laid-back look is a breeze to create. For bedding, opt for cool blues in a breathable fabric like this linen duvet set. Add some throw pillows in sunset tones that remind you of the Pacific Ocean, then bring cabana vibes to your bathroom with aqua towels, a bathmat, and shower curtain. And of course, the more houseplants the better! Pattern playerImage: the home depotWhether you're a graphic designer or an Insta-artist, adding bold patterns to your space screams creative genius. Go bold with a chevron duvet set, then add some contrasting geometric sheets. Next, hang some funky towels in your bathroom. The trick is to mix hues and shapes that seem like they shouldn't work together -- but somehow do. It's all part of your mystery. Image: The Home Depot Save up to 30% on bed and bath at The Home Depot through April 3rd See Details

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